Robot Actuation

PSI Technologies share the same passion with regards to the optimisation of components to suit the specific demands of the customer applications. PSI offers a diverse range of built-to-need actuators, OEM drop-in components, electric actuators, specialty work-holding clamps, and motion control robots.

Automation Solution

Automation problems can often seem difficult to solve, and this is where PSI can add real value. We offer the full line of PHD components to help you to move, turn, slide, lift, grip, reach, rotate and clamp almost anything!

Design Reduction

At PSI, we want to make the process of choosing and designing with PHD products as easy as possible – so we offer free software and CAD libraries, as well as providing you with access to highly trained application engineers and custom product specialists. Everything we do is designed to offer our customers the lowest possible ‘cost of ownership’, by saving design time and reducing downtime, as well as providing the widest possible selection of reliable, high quality automation products.


PSI Cash Engine

PSI is a premier, full line manufacturing and distribution support for gas, liquid, vacuum and vibration products. We have strategically aligned ourselves with a market leading group of manufacturing partners who are best in class. Our world leading manufacturers provide the scope and ability to bring our innovative solutions to life.

PSI Consulting

We are able to assist you and your business teams with our world class expertise.


Next Steps...

Systems integration is an area where PSI really excels. Through highly consultative customer relationships, our team of experienced and motivated engineering staff are able to offer significant benefit to many of our customers.